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Our studios offer the optimum acoustic conditions for voice recording and sound post-production. They were designed to offer the best and are built from scratch with high-quality equipment. All rooms are ventilated/air-conditioned because we know that the comfort of our speakers and customers makes a difference.

We have a high-quality sound studio and reliable and versatility for developing sound capture projects, voiceovers, dubbing, music, live sound, direct sound for TV, advertising and cinema, audio description and sound design. Mastering, sound design and audio post-production.


– Voiceover for web, television and radio spots
– Voiceover for institutional videos
– Voiceover for e-learning and audio guides
– Voice-over for formative videos and documentaries
– Voice recording for automatic answering services – IVR 
– Voice recording for events and presentations

– ADR, Dubbing of films and series


Search our voice catalogue or give us the profile of the voice you are looking for and we will present our suggestions.

Among our voices, you can find radio announcers, journalists, artists, actors and many other established voices.


Hook up to our studio remotely for and during the session and speak directly to the talent/engineer. Watch and hear the recording in real-time, give your briefing and approve it on the spot without the need to travel.


2 audio post-production studios equipped with the best available technology for mastering films, corporate videos, advertising, radio spots, and documentaries, among others.

One of our studios is specially prepared for mixing in 5.1 surround.


We have the necessary sound and sound effects libraries to add depth and immerse the viewer/listener into any story.

We create specific sounds according to the needs of each project.


We repair audio files made in less than good acoustic conditions using the most advanced software.

One of our studios is prepared for mixing in 5.1 surround.

additional services

Copy – Content creation/review

Production – Management of audio-visual media

Translation – Translation with native translators

Audio description; SDH – Subtitling for the Deaf and Deafened ( Descriptive Caption )